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Tychem C védőoverál

This Tychem C overall is safe and reliable protective clothing. The self-adhesive double zip flap grants the

high level protection and liquid barrier. Hoodie is elasticated which follows well the facial lines and surely

stay in the right position. This solution is also on the leg and waist parts, at the same time grants the optimal fit

to body. Stiched and overtaped seams increase the protection.

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Mil-Tec overál

vállszélesség: 50cm

ujja: 64cm

belső hossz: 75cm

teljes hossz: 152cm

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Tyvek C védőoverál

The Tyvek C overall provides protection against particles mainly, so these belong to 5. and 6. typed chemical-resistant clothing.

This is a reliable protection cloth, against the following possible hazards:


- concentrated acids and bases

- dangerous cleaning products

- dangerous solid particles

- blood and body fluids or bacterias from these


The inside parts of the overalls are handled with antistatic material, so in this way cloth is grounded

on perfect way and protected from sparks. Next to these, really important to know these antistatic materials work with humidity of the air, necessary to get higher humidity than 25%, for the effect surely get on.

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